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Lost 80 snakes at neighbors, then got most back in my town!

Once I hit 400, I started visiting friends and noting my snake count each time I went in/out of a neighbor. The first 5-6 neighbors went fine and I gained snakes or eggs with each. I was at 417 when I visited 'otterpop1109*' who had several of the snake rocks/trunks and all of the prizes. My snake count when down by 70!

Then there were snakes everywhere, I mean everywhere in his town. So I started whacking and got back about 35 snakes and about 15 eggs. I made sure not to linger too long b/c I didnt want the 8 minute timer to hit and lose another 70! Ticked off, I decided that's it for visiting friends, and went back to my town. Well my town was overrun with snakes. Mind you, I'd only been gone about 30 minutes and I had cleared my town of snakes before visiting friends.

After clearing my town again I was up to 401 snakes and a bunch more eggs than when I started. Somehow I have to believe the "80" snakes I lost were essentially released into Otterpop's and my town. But due to some of them converting into eggs, I lost out overall.

Lisa was idle during all of this btw; I've quit sending her to the Other Springfield just in case.

*not blaming Otterpop, just mentioning it in case someone else has the same experience. And clearly he's not worried about people visiting him since he has everything already.
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