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Best use of friends?

When friends help you with your buildings, it will automatically start the timer. For instance, the blue house regenerates every 8 hours. If your friend helps you on 3 of those houses and you collect those taxes 4 hours later, those three houses will regenerate in 4 hours while the rest regenerates in 8. I hope I made that clear lol.

When someone graffitis your buildings, your righteousness will go up a half star each time.

Egging and TPing will give you a chance to get candy for the Halloween items.

Hope this helps :-)


  • peterdutton
    18 posts
    edited October 2012
    Every building you click on in another Springfield nets you the same amount of money and XP, so while on the surface it doesn't matter to you what you do when you visit, there are some times to keep in mind.

    When you click on a building in another Springfield, the other person gets the tax (cash and XP) for the building, plus the "handshake bonus" for your clicking on it, and then the tax timer on that building resets. Which means you should try to be nice and click on the highest-value buildings you can (no brown houses!) in order to help the other person collect more money and XP faster.

    One exception - click on the graveyards if they have money floating above them. While I don't think that does anything for the other person, it often gives you extra candy, eggs, and TP. Yeah, it's okay to be selfish sometimes :-) Egg and TP their town as a thank-you (BTW, doing so can also give you extra candy).

    As for what friends can do for you, aside from the bit of money and treats you get from clicking on their town, you just have trust that they're visiting your town and clicking on all the right things in return!

    Also, a great thing to do is to add me - peterdutton :-)

    Have fun tapping!

  • Deadshot_DCU
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    edited October 2012
    Like the previous people have mentioned before me, I'd like to also add..

    1. Adding the first 5 friends will complete the "I choo-choo choose you" quest line thus giving you 5 donus. 1 for each friend. After these initial 5, you won't receive anymore donuts for adding anyone else.

    2. You might want to also grafitti your friends following 4 buildings. Springfield Elementary, Moe's Tavern, Police Station & Town Hall. None of these buildings generate any money or xp, so doing so for your friends will help them get money & xp from these buildings that wouldn't normally net any revenue
  • PhilDPaterson
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    edited October 2012
    Add me please!! Milbs123
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