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Censorship in 15 minutes while we wait days for a reply?

So I posted a thread about massive snake losses and it get's deleted in just a few minutes....but when it comes to getting any help we are made to wait days? Really EA?

This is my issue:

I just visited a friend's town (thomasDSwan). When I went in I had over 520 snakes, the screen flickered and I immediately lost 105 snakes! I diligently hunted all snakes down and got about 40-45 back. As I was looking around for more snakes (there were no more), the game crashed (as usual). So, stupidly I went back trying to recover my snakes...you guessed it, same flicker and same 105 snake loss. I eventually ended up leaving with 388 snakes.

Whether this is a glitch or hacking, I don't know. But I'm pissed. I had just spent the doughnuts for the upgraded license a short while earlier. This takes way too much time to be getting screwed out of snakes.
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