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A nice easy way to earn snakes

I don't blame you, this was a badly thought out set of rules and EA are creating the direct opposite of the 'social game' concept. I think lots of people are doing similar things, including the egg swap pacts.
Playing this game has always cost a lot of time. Now to try and play this update you can lose best part of your day every day. I doubt if anyone will get all the prizes without resorting to some gamesmanship.
Good luck with the two towns.


  • IronWaffle5x5
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    edited April 2013
    Not defending EA, but they seem to have planned it that 5 snakes may escape into another town, which you can recapture. That is annoying, in part cuz they won't all be snakes, but some will be eggs. So that in itself is a loss.

    If it's more than that, it appears due to a bug, which hopefully they can fix soon.... along with XP issue... and neighbor ordering...
  • skylarkpilot
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    edited April 2013
    I don't really object to having to re-gather escaped snakes, but when ten go adrift in a well decorated town it takes ages to find them all. Because they go under buildings and behind walls it can take several trips around another town just to find one or two. I have 64 friends on my list, but the ones with heavily decorated towns are not now getting visits from me. I just don't have that level of free time to spare. Today I attempted to play the game by the rules, collect all my lost snakes and be a good neighbour. 64 towns took over four hours. The update is fantastic but the number of snakes required and the rule set they have applied is simply designed to generate revenue as people have to buy more and more doughnuts.
    I know people will say that that's how they earn a living. But I dare not attempt to calculate how much money this game has cost me, and now with the creativity limit being imposed, it's only so long before I will have to throw it all away.
  • iarechanelle
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    edited April 2013
    Great tip thanks! Could do with extra snakes. Setting up new account now :)
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