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Pumpkin Patches GONE D:

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Here we go again. Looked for an item that I've had for years and now all of a sudden they are gone forever. Are the Pumpkin Patches showing up for you guys? Because mine are not in my storage or anywhere else......I use to have them now all of a sudden....poof....gone! :'(

I wanted to set up a new strip of land for the upcoming Halloween Event but....now I can't. Those pumpkin Patches mean a lot to me....should I reinstall the game and look again?????I looked in every category and the main scrolling page as well. And I don't know why they won't show up....smh

In the meantime I will continue to look for them....if I can find them in my storage I will let you guys know. But so far nothing. I will be back to let you guys know if I find them or not....

Okay I found them!!! this can be closed now. I ended up finding them in the "Nature" category instead....so if anyone has issues in the future when trying to find these when stored. Look inside the nature category.
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