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Thank you!!!

Hey all - I wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone on here who's put guides together, answered questions or just generally been a good community member.

I started playing again a few months ago having take a year and a half out probably. When I started playing again I had a multiplier of 432%, it's now over 5,200%. I had around 900m igc and have accumulated more despite a lot of KEM farming and rat trap purchases. I had never thought of the xp collider before but now have it on all the time.

Because of you guys I can have everything and it doesn't cost me anything - a massive genuine thank you you've made this game fun again. And bring on Halloween!!


  • It great to hear that you are enjoying the game and that you have found the information on here useful.
  • I completely agree with @jonjamesp! I was an almost day 1 player but my phone stopped being strong enough to support such a huge app and I had a good two years away... I returned last autumn or so and have taken my own multiplier from about 70% (without realising it was even a thing!) to about 330% and rising today... It'd be more but I couldn't resist a few characters along the way.

    I've never really been a gamer at all. This is the only game that I've spent any time on. But I love it and so I say, thanks Jon for making this post and thanks you big old lifers for helping the rest of us out :*:*
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