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Making Money Fast For Low Level Gamers

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edited September 2017

Has anybody got any good advice for a new Simpsons Tapped Out Gamer on how to get money fast?

I am a level 12, and I check into my game a lot but not all day long as I am working most of the week. So whilst I do have a fair few brown houses, I don't have time to give the game my 100% attention 24hrs of the day to gradually get money slowly. Regardless, I don't want to do this anyway.

My username is gengarbomb so you can always add me and see what I have.

However I don't have any donuts and don't want to go off spending money on donuts as I have none x_x I have had about 10 in my google play account which i have pretty much used already so... :neutral: yeah lol.

I appreciate that the game is literally 'a waiting game' as is the nature of the game, but often I wish that more challenges would unlock faster, or that money would come in quicker.


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