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Premium Whacking Day items

So, there are a number of premium items that require donuts that are associated with Whacking Day.

I am wondering if any of these items are worth getting (game value)

For example,

Snake Speakers (50 donuts)
Ninja Homer Practice Snake (120)
Green Practice Snake (10 donuts)
Purple Practice Snake (10 donuts)
Red Practice Snake (10 donuts)
Yellow Practice Snake (10 donuts)
Snake Rocks (40 donuts)
Snake Stump (55 donuts)-
Hollow Snake Trunk (75 donuts)
Lumpy (55 donuts)- does it do anything? Or, is it just like the Burns Monster?
Lugash's Gym (175 donuts) - are there events associated with this?

So far, I got one snake stump. Just wondering if any of this is worth the donuts. . .

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