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Futurama WOT Not getting credit for jobs.

Has anyone had problems not getting credit for jobs on task? For example, I've been sending characters to do task to free up Bill Nye and I'm not getting credit for it. The same thing happened with the Omicron Mission.


  • Yeah, it's not great. You have to wait a while for the tasks to actually stick. I check back shortly after, just to make sure they are actually sent.
    Missing Character: The Barbarian
  • If you're talking about characters and buildings dropping the items that you need to collect, they aren't guaranteed. There's usually only a chance that they'll drop items -- the game supposedly classifies the drops by probability common, uncommon, rare, extra rate and epic (decreasing order from most likely to least likely). You should see one of these by the icon for the item; only when it says always can you expect the drop every time!
  • Well someone should get ahold of the programmers and rip their eyes out of their sockets and shove ’em down their pants so they can watch us kick the crap outta of them! Them use their tongue to paint a boat.

    I kid, but the point of us doing a task is to get credit for it. I smell a scheme to make us buy pizza.
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