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I got Lisa's gymnasium twice??

Yeah I got that too so I guess it seems it happens when you switch devices.
I wonder if you switch to a third device you get three. ???



  • kelekod
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    edited April 2013
    rnico2012 wrote:
    First, I got it when I played on my iPad once I reached 1000 eggs... and now on my iPhone, after I was at about 1200 eggs, it says congrats, you just got Lisa's gymnasium... I thought it was a glitch, but the two seems to be staying...
    Hopefully they both WON'T get reset at some point...

    Nevermind, guess that doesn't work to quote and repost.

    I'm GamerGD3. Lost all 3000+posts for my (now) former name.
  • redec69
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    edited April 2013
    I tried a 3rd device, it didn't work
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