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HELP!!! game closes down when I try to play. PLEASE!!!

Nina4207 wrote:
:cry: PLEASE HELP! While I was playing, the game shut down. Now whenever I try to play the game shuts down when I 'tap to play'
I'm SO sad, this game is my life and I don't have a clue what to do :cry:

Same thing happens, soon as I open the app ... it closes. Worked fine before the update.


  • beachbody2
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    edited April 2013
    i have logged into my game and my town has gone.i was level 18 and now its put me back to level one. it wont allow me to play from level one it says there is a server error. and all my time and money i have put into this game has gone too. my husband plays this game also and he says my town is still there as he can still visit from his game on his phone. but like i say when i log in it is gone just keeps playing the homer video at the start and then says server error. i would like my level 18 game back please. i have spoken to several different people and they keep passing me around to someone else. I would like this issue fixed. i have looked on your web page and i am not the only one with this problem.
    what do i do?
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