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Dear EA: We need a monorail track exchange program

Like many other tappers, I have a ridiculous number of curved and S shaped monorail track pieces in my inventory that I will never, ever use.

I also have many short straight track pieces as well that I would prefer to be long straight pieces to reduce my number of in-play pieces to avoid hitting the maximum item limit.

Can you please start a system in the game where you can trade in pieces for whatever piece you want or need? I really wouldn’t care if the exchange rate was 2:1 or even 3:1, anything is better than having 500+ track pieces I will never use.

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  • Or even 10:1
  • I have hundreds of straight pieces thanks to that inventory glitch last year. I would gladly donate them to you if I could!

    Be nice if the rail yard let you pick what pieces you need instead of giving mystery random pieces as rewards. :/
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  • I couldn't agree more! We need more long straight sections. It would be great if we could choose which ones we get.
  • Thanks for agreeing with me I just got an imaginary agreement badge :#

    What's up with all these badges? Lol :D
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  • This is a wonderful idea! I have my track run around the perimeter of my town so any time I get new land I just expand the monorail with it. It's much easier then trying to integrate it within my town. I'm hoping they expand Springfield Heights to match the right side of the map so I can expand my monorail on that side. Maybe one day! I have so many useless pieces, if they don't do an exchange program they should at least let us sell the pieces!
  • Please, please, please let us exchange other pieces of track for straight pieces. I agree with everything that's been said here :-D
  • stinkbugger
    1984 posts Member
    edited September 2017
    The bulk of my tracks are in inventory.

    Currently at (in inventory)
    419 straight
    369 curved
    300 s-shape
    442 short straight

    I'm guessing others have a similar ratio.

  • rw228
    1060 posts Member
    My straight pieces are the ones I have the least of. Your ratio is pretty good
  • I feel!!!! Just starting monorail on this account (My old one got boring) but I had way to many straight pieces!
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  • There have been countless requests for this in the past, so it’s probably reasonable to conclude this one will no more successful.
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