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Why, why, why?

Enable the option to warn you before spending donuts.


  • ThomasK323
    548 posts
    edited April 2013
    Go to the buy screen, select the i icon, and turn on donut use notifications
  • rottypawz
    7 posts
    edited April 2013
    jkl714415 wrote:
    Once again, an errant tap cost me precious hard-earned donuts. Why don't I BUY donuts? Because to the aged and abused hands cause them to be far too ethereal, far too fragile. I must have cost myself 50 donuts to these errant accidental taps. Sigh, such pain, such heart-ache.

    you can probably contact EA and at least get SOME of the donuts back. Though I was told they only will do that once.
  • jkl714415
    89 posts
    edited April 2013
    Thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you. If only I'd known this trick when I first loaded this game six months ago. I wonder how many donuts I would have now, the only donuts I've actually meant to spend we're the initial mandatory uses. And the dozen I bought after the Christmas promotion when I ended up eight short for the Duff Brewery. I might end up buying some now.
  • Skyrim-mrp
    3684 posts
    edited April 2013
    Yeah it's very annyoing but the opinion is there. I did a thread if u don't no how to enable it...simple really

  • jenscj
    66 posts
    edited April 2013
    They didn't add the option till last week, so.. :)
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