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Can't send Lisa to capture monster


  • Cant send anyone to fight the monster either, iOS user. Oh well, guess i'll see if it works in the morning!
  • I find what sucks most about the questline being bugged, is that I cant see any new items in store. I cant even spend donuts on stuff cause EA hasnt given be anything to throw donuts at. Same old 3 Act godawful rewards so no doubt this event will suck.
  • also stuck here on iOS
  • After placing the alley, we are supposed to get magic outfits for Bart, Lisa & Milhouse, but it didn't give them to us. So we are stuck until it's fixed. (Worked that way on Android for a friend.)
  • I've gotten stuck too. Weirdly although the questline started and I have the splash screen, it doesn't look like I have the darkened borders that usually comes with the THOH events.
  • I got my lisa on the school 4 hour so can't try the other until later and so far no store icon for me
  • No borders here either, nor can I access any new items in the shop, or craftables.
    Also, when I try to buy a magic Scratch off, my games freezes.
  • Good I was freaking out that my game was not working properly... glad to see that many others are also experiencing the same issue... ugh!
  • ZennGlenn
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    edited October 2017
    update from The studio. They are aware of the situation and are trying to put a patch out tonight. That's all I have for you at this time.


    >:) Actually not all >:)

    & Indeed
    ... >:) Quite COMPLETELY Believable >:)
  • iOS here. I have no update period.
  • BJSem wrote: »
    Same issue for me (Android Galaxy 7). I also lost all of the donuts won on the magic scratch-r ticket glitch. Certainly a trick and not a treat.

    Me too, lost all the donuts I won!
    Will see if they reappear when the glitch is fixed
  • Poor show EA
  • I like Bart's expression on the splash screen. That's kinda the face I'm making right now , too.
  • i just wanted to pile on and let EA know i to have been emotionally victimized by all this. worst TSTO THoH ever
    Ah, just throw it over the fence. Let Arby's worry about it.
  • A weird thing, it's not working in my A town, but works fine in my B town, played on the same device.
  • ZennGlenn
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    edited October 2017
    I like Bart's expression on the splash screen. That's kinda the face I'm making right now , too.

    >:):s Yup...
    sums it up perfectly :s>:)

  • No ability to continue quest. Fall foilage, no dark edges.
    On the plus side, the kirk "argue quest" is now running, and it's been stuck in my queue for a very long time.
  • No costumes to start quest, no halloween music or lighting, magic ticket doesn't have a $ amount and just says purchase which when clicked bricks the game. I honestly can't remember a more broken, maddening and just plain sad start to an event. Bravo EA tsto team.
  • Same^^ except the argue task
  • Yeah I had to keep going In and out of the game, to do each step now I’m at the part (spoiler) where you catch the monster - but there is currently not a way to do it....yet
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