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Cannot buy 60 donuts

I guess this option recently was removed? I went to buy 60 and found the nearest choice was 12 or 132 donuts. And I never buy donuts so I missed when that change happened.
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  • adruralo
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    edited October 2017
    It might be to do with a serious glitch with the update.
    You should be able to buy stack of 60 donuts character bundle also, but people are finding this missing, one example is the squeaky voice peasant.
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  • The donut buying shop is messed up. I play 3 games. In 2 of my games I can buy 60 donuts and get Shelbyville Manhattan as a bonus for buying. In the third game I have 2 places to get 60 donuts - one with Shelbyville and the other with a Peasant skin for Squeaky Voice Teen.
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