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Tab view on mobile device

Ok so the zoom out is much further than usual which I'm not complaining about. My only complaint is that when fully zoomed in (S8) the characters are blurry. I'd prefer the beforehand. Maybe before it got all switched around to big and then small.


  • After the next update of 1.4GB before was 814MB it has fixed the blurred zoom in. The only thing I wouldn't say I care for is all the small boxes to look at with purchasables. I do like the added view though. Just the UI boxes are a little tiny. Maybe bump it up 1 or 2 3rds
  • And the third or fourth update today being either 814 or 1.4GB and its reverting back to the furthest camera with blurry visuals on faces. It was perfectly fine before it changed again. Now one thing I cant stand is a crappy resolution. I didn't get the S8 for no reason.
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