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Smithers exercising for Mr. Burns still broken?

Yep, I just about hit the ceiling this morning when it happened again. It's a real pain since Smithers does not have a 2 hr task as a backup. So, he goes to the drunk tank while Burns plays Batman.


  • paves4
    222 posts
    edited April 2013
    happens to me when i go to baton mode. :x
  • sexxyjessi
    21 posts
    edited April 2013
    Anyone else still having issues with Smithers exercising for Mr. Burns task? Or anyone figure out what triggers it to stop? Tried searching, of course, but if the answer is out there, it's buried deep in some threads.

    If I move the screen around and follow them around they remain on the bike together for the task. But the minute I go off to do other things in the game they stop exercising together. So annoying.
  • mattperiolat
    677 posts Member
    edited April 2013
    Yeah, either moving buildings or smacking snakes killed the quest for me. Wish they would fix it.
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