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Why this is a good event

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So instead of a negative downer thread on the event. I created a positive thread on the event so one thread can complain and one thread can express their jollies with the game.

I'm enjoying the event from the get go. Good story I think game wise aside from the Harry potter folklore (which isn't totally a bad thing). Some nice new art for my town. The building that came with the girl for 150 donuts looks really nice. I'm happy with this event so far and ready for the grizzy


  • I'm loving it so far and can't wait to get all the awesome stuff we going to get and I've already started designing.
    TOUK is the best also have you considered Nuking
  • You can create your own "hogwarts" with craftables! That's the best thing EVER. Also, they finally gave some use to NPCs (bigclaw was a great thing in that way). Nice references if you like HP and there's a lot of premium items.
  • Cannot wait to build an awesome magic school! I can't wait for the crafting to really get going! As someone who finished her rail yard before the glitch/double blueprints and had already completed all the mini-events I am thrilled to have new content.

  • I’m totally enjoying the gameplay and items. I’m not a super Harry Potter fan by I’m a fan so appreciate what they are doing. I was starting to think I was one of the only ones who was actually enjoying the event.
  • Bats made a return! I only bought 4 last time, this event it almost works in my favour I have 90% of the craftables cause I only want to make bats.

    New characters and building inspiration is always nice, expect to see a lot more premiums released come the end.

    Free land tokens are always appreciated.
  • Finally got a castle. So, that's a good thing.
    Make Nightmare Pile like Zombie Sandwich. All kids trick or treat at once.
  • I'll join in and say a few positive things.
    1. I've been complaining about weak stories for major events all year and this one has finally started with something more coherent and comprehensive. I'm happy about that.
    2. There is some good stuff coming up on the prize track in this event. They haven't saved all the best stuff for donuts this time. It's more balanced.
    3. This event doesn't monopolize as many characters as other events have.
  • Thanks for a positive event thread. Everyone always complains about every little thing and it is so old. Just a bunch of whiners. Anyway, I really like this event so far. I am not really a Harry Potter fan, but I think magic is a great theme for Halloween, and it is something different. I really like the goblin NPCs. I would totally buy those after the event is over. Finally we get the House of Evil shopkeeper (frogurt guy) and some other cool prizes like the monsters and the dragon, etc. I think it was a great idea for Halloween. And the biggest positive of all about the event: it wasn't made by Tinyco! Thank the gods.
  • Yeah I'm really feeling the Halloween vibe. It's so rewarding to participate in these events once you have your town well structured. Seeing everything unfold in your town can really make ya happy.
  • Wiggum ogre.
  • I’ll be glad to add a second unicorn to my town. Would love it if maybe it will have an outdoor task with my current unicorn (that spits rainbows when I tap it).
  • Without spoiling , it seems like we are getting a few things we wanted. This wasn't exactly what I was expecting but it's pretty fun so far.
  • A few things, I haven't gotten the walls yet but I LOVE getting more walls. So that's 1 good thing :]

    Second, Ogre Wiggum which I have not bought yet but plan too at some point, is a skin or is he seperate? idk yet lol....but he looks perfect for every halloween. If its a skin at least its a halloween skin for a seperate character other than the simpsons again lol Before the event started I mentioned more skins for other characters.

    And third I love the castles, especially the skinny one! It reminds me of Yen Sid's castle from Kingdom Hearts! >:3 After the event I'll probably make an island that just has that and a few bushes and tree's just like in Kingdom Hearts. (´ω`*)

    And 4th I heard we're getting Dracula at the end! So epic win there!
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    Don't increase the Item Limit? Then I don't play. Period.
  • rw228
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    @1pillform Wiggum ogre is separate. Not a skin
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    On the prize track, there is some really good items I look forward to gain.
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  • The Harry Potter spoof is several years late, the craftable items are mostly recycled from previous content. The storyline is witty and funny, and stays true to the characters.
  • rw228 wrote: »
    @1pillform Wiggum ogre is separate. Not a skin
    OH okay well just as cool though :3 So he is similar to Caveman Moe then :o
    ~Always be Designing~
    Don't increase the Item Limit? Then I don't play. Period.
  • Because it started pretty close to on time, the characters needed aren't just Homer and Lisa, and background music isn't over powering.
  • I LOVE unicorns so I am pretty pumped for a few things!
    Granted, there have been glitches but they were pretty quickly remedied and the amount of negativity I’ve been seeing has been a surprise to me.
  • The characters are not creepy at all. So I am feeling comfortable whenever I enter the game
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