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Is the monorail crafting now endless?



  • When this first started, I thought it was a temporary thing and was going to take advantage of it while it lasted. I’ve lost track of how many rounds I’ve done and the donuts are great and all, but it’s getting to be quite a grind doing it every day. And I can’t stop. I really think I need help. :#;)
  • yeah me too but getting 5 donuts every 1-2 days keeps me going!!
    I love my computer...all my friends live in it
  • I’ve been taking it easy, logging in as I can. Getting about 5 donuts every day and a half or so. Today all my tasks are asking for glass :s ...
  • johncolombo
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    adruralo wrote: »
    I got donuts twice then it stopped. I just get railyard pieces then it starts over.
    Strange. Just completed last night and was awarded the 5 donuts.
    I play the monorail when characters have nothing to do.

    I tried again yesterday in both towns. Apparently I'm the only person who can't win donuts.
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