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Character status list

I'm not sure about you guys, but I think it would be very helpful if there was a button that would expand into a character status list. This would help with completing jobs, checking the progress, and starting new jobs.
Here's how I imagine it would be organized:

Next to the "Tasks" button, there could be a "Status" button. After pressing it, the next choice could be "Characters" or "Buildings". After you click "Characters", it will list all of your characters (maybe even give us sorting choices. Free, on a job, completed job, alphabetically). Then, when you click on a character, you get a choice to select that character or send them on a job.

I was thinking about this, because sometimes it's difficult to locate a character that is not doing anything. It would even be nice if the "Status" button just gave you a list of free characters; I would be very happy with that.

Wish list:
A way to send all characters on:
1h job
2h job

What do you all think?
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