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Tried to post in other thread before it was locked

Yeah this is a really good idea! Too bad you didn't make it within that hour, but lets hope some EA person gets this.


  • i_set_fire
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    I like this idea, too!
  • steener122
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    I just think that you should somehow be able to earn the premium items or a way to earn donuts or something. I'm not saying it should be easy but as a person who will most likely never be able to buy donuts I'd like to be able to get some of the premium items:
  • Homericus
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    DJDK-ec wrote:
    I typed this for Neo's thread about needing help regarding donut pricing and the thread was locked while I was typing. I came to far to not post this idea:

    So far I have purchased a truck and store load of donuts, which I consider is a huge amount of money for a mobile game. I have gotten most of the characters and I find my self on the verge of buying more donuts, just to get the missing 3 characters and a few decorations. That will cost me at least 600 donuts and at the current prices I feel like it just to expensive for the few things.(and that is without considering what is to come in the next updates)
    I suggest that they implement a system; when you have payed a certain amount, say 100€ total, you recieve a bonus to where every premium item is 30%-50% off. You would also recieve some badge or in game item reconising you have been a loyal customer. This way EA would not have to worry about * off long time players who paid huge amounts of money towards this game and it would encourage non paying players to pay more.

    It's probably not going to happen, and in your post lies one of the biggest reasons why. Whether they give you a 50% off on premium items or not you're probably still going to buy those donuts and get those items

    For those of us who have bought premium stuff (limited items especially), we're pretty much at the point of addiction as not having some of the stuff would feel like not completing the game entirely.

    They will make more money by charging everyone the same amount (especially those willing to buy, like those who have spent over a 100) than if they have those who are ALREADY willing to pay to have to pay less.

    I can see this strategy being more worthwhile but in reverse in terms of a business perspective. You get a certain amount of % free for the first 25 you spend (but they basically do that by giving free donuts).

    Though I think the idea of having some kind of in game recognition (like a badge) to show that you're a loyal customer might be cool (must be optional though, for those of the players who don't want to let others know they spend donuts).
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