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Channel Zero: No-End House

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@Turkey1010 I found where I can watch it. I am going to start episode 1 right now. If there is anybody else that is watching, feel free to share your thoughts.


  • Yaaaaas! And hurry up, it's super coowall and I want to discuss!!!!
  • Also, it's only on episode 3..unless I missed one lol
  • I've just started watching the first series. 2 episodes in so far.
  • meinaz
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    I finished the first three episodes. Just like last season, the creepiness factor is really high. I am interested to see if they will be able to escape.
    I wonder what that sphere is that was in Jules room 5. I am sure that we will learn more at some point.
  • meinaz wrote: »
    @Turkey1010 I found where I can watch it. I am going to start episode 1 right now. If there is anybody else that is watching, feel free to share your thoughts.

    Thanks for the heads up on Season 2 of this series, @meinaz. This definitely goes in the to-be-watched queue. I kinda liked the first season, although I had some problems with how they wrapped things up and I had some issues with Paul Schneider.
  • meinaz
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    I wasn't impressed with the end of season 1 either but the rest of the series kept me entertained. I think it is hard to come up with a satisfying ending to a story that is so out there. I feel like season 2 should be easier to come to a conclusion although I am not sure what direction they will go with it.
  • Cool..I haven't had time to start watching season2 but am looking forward to it since you mentioned it. I'll get to catch up over next couple of days so will post my thoughts
  • Just watched first episode...and I love it. It's started out really well...plenty of creep factor.
    Cant work out what is going on at the moment, but it has me hooked. I'm finding t more scarey than the first season
    Lots of questions, with no answers at the moment..lol
    Just starting episode 2
  • Well episode 2 just took a really weird turn, the ending is just freaky.
    I was thinking it was an alternate universe/reality but it seems more complicated and odd than that. Going to watch episode 3 :)
  • Well, I’ve watched the first three episodes of the second season. Some quick thoughts (but no real spoilers): The show’s premise is kinda similar to the one employed in Season 1; i.e., a plot built on a faux urban legend. I don’t find this one as original or as interesting as the one employed in Season 1. On the plus side, the action is often genuinely creepy and, in general, I like the acting (particularly, Amy Forsyth, who plays one of the main characters, Margo). My primary concern is that I suspect we’ve learned pretty much all there is to learn about the environment the characters now inhabit and yet we still have three episodes to go. This season could quickly become tedious.
  • I agree with you @KrustyBrand...the storyline isnt as original as season 1, but it is creepier and so far keeping a good pace. I was wondering how they are going to fill the remaining episodes, it seems like we have learnt everything, which leads me to suspect that there will be more reveals to come.
    Anyone else get a weird vibe from Seth?
  • meinaz
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    Definitely something going on with Seth. I can see one episode digging into his past and what he actually saw in room 5. I also think there is more to come from the guy who found his wife. I think there are lots of different ways the story line could end up going as they try to escape, so I am interested in seeing what they decide to do.
  • Yes, I think there is lots of the characters backgrounds that we still need to see.
    Glad I'm not the only one that think Seth is odd.
    Also be interested to see what happens to JD, if they get out...Not sure that he could even leave.
    I'm looking forward to the next episode
  • meinaz
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    Anybody watch this week's episode yet? I wasn't expecting the direction it is going. I was only half watching, so I will rewatch because I am sure that I missed a lot.
  • meinaz wrote: »
    Anybody watch this week's episode yet?

    Either tonight or Friday night.

  • Hopefully will get time today to watch, looking forward to see what happens
  • Okay, I got curious, so decided to watch over lunch
    Wont say too much for those that havent watched it yet...but I agree, it took a different turn.
    Definitely weird and creepy...not sure how this is going to play out now

  • This show is on my DVR list. I am going to watch the first episode after I finish what I'm watching now.
  • meinaz
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    This show is on my DVR list. I am going to watch the first episode after I finish what I'm watching now.

    Did you watch the first season?
  • I'm caught up ,I've been slacking. I actually like this season.. as of now I've seen 4 episodes.

    I was reading about it and apparently these are from Creepypasta stories..

    But I don't understand
    how the cannibal dad got out of the house. . If they are out? I was surprised that they can only feed off the memories (that they basically EXTRACT from the mind ) of the one who "made" them or they die. I laughed hard when the one who killed his reality self because he is gonna die no matter what (and did) and also is that handsome guy whats her face sexed up a reality guy or a weird memory cannibal too...idk
    @meinaz I still don't get what that creepy sphere is either. There are multiple humanoid type creatures feeding off of her in there ...
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