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how do i get the hospital?

Any help?


  • ItsOnlyMe206
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    The tasks seem to be running in strange orders. Some are vastly accelerated and some are greatly delayed. I just got the hospital offered to me well after the Buddhist temple and El Chemistri. Then I was offered the temple for over 224,000, which seemed awfully expensive to me and for which I'd have to save up. Thankfully, as of today the price is about half that, so I bought that and the hospital a few moments ago.

    All of these weird task issues started with the Whacking Day update, so I guess it is a bug. At least it doesn't hurt the game, though!

    Hang in there; you will get the hospital soon.
  • petergeenen
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    edited April 2013
    Below is the quest line building up to the hospital (taken from the glorious walkthrough http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9043283.page)
    After "Hibbert deals organs on the black market" you should get a message from Kent Brockman. Make sure he is free, and has no other current tasks. Other quests may be interfering with the progress on the hospital quest line.
    Hibbert Family Practice - $75,500 (24 hour build)---added to game on 12/5/2012
    Main Quests:
    1. Skinner prompts the building of the Hibbert Family Practice. (Hahahahaha Sucker)

    Side Quests:
    1. Bart go for checkup (10 min) (Bart's Checkup)
    2. Hibbert practice medicine (12 hours) (General Practice)
    3. Grampa go for checkup (10 min) (My Pills!)
    4. Cleetus go for checkup (10 min) (Cleetus' Condition)
    5. Luigi go for checkup (10 min)(Luigi's Growing Problems)
    6. Quimby go for checkup (10 min) (Mayorital Difficulties)
    7. Burns hide Nuclear waste (8 hour) (Medical Industry Corruption)
    8. Hibbert deal organs on black market (4 hour)(Grey Matter)
    9. Kent Brockman go for checkup (10 min) (Kent Afford It)
    10. Make Hibbert sacrifice his principles (6 hour) (Corporate Sponsor)
    11. Hibbert, Krusty, Brockman dine at Gilded Truffle (2 hours each) (Show Biz Life)
    12. Krusty Promote a new product (8 hours) (Kramp Krusty)
    13. Homer/Comic Book Guy/Chief Wiggum eat at Krusty Burger (30 mins each) (keep Hibbert free) (The Flavormax)
    14. Dr. Hibbert prompts Homer/CBG/Wiggum go for check up (10 min) (Business is Picking Up)
  • UKz Finest MK
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    That's all great guys, thanks for the info, a while off it then!
  • deomegus
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    im stuck at Mr. Burns. No prompt to hide nuclear waste :(
  • beeblebrox900
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    edited April 2013
    Using the list posted above find the person who should prompt the next quest and store them in your inventory, then re-place them, it should kickstart it.
  • Twkoenig
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    Yeah, I got stuck at the same point, right before you hide the nuclear waste. Went ahead and built the mansion and its now back on track.
  • deomegus
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    edited April 2013
    Storing burns for a few moments worked for me...
  • bryantvb84
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    You're getting close. I just barely got the hospital and it's building as we speak. Took awhile after getting Dr. Hibert and then shortly after getting Lenny and Carl. They do go in strange orders.
  • FrinksIntern
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    All of the "non-character" buildings seem to be optional in the quest line(hospital, el chemistri, adult education annex, etc..)

    So they can be skipped over to build the main story buildings.
  • brenner_yes
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    edited April 2013
    Try storing hibberts practice if that doesnt work then sell hibberts practice Nd rebuild it
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