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Gil offers

This is not the first time that this happens in my town, but it's the first time that it bothers me because I really want to buy it: Gil appears on town, you can see the offer, you close the dialogue and when you go to the store, GIl's is no where to be seen. I went to a friend's town, I reset the phone but the offer is gone. It's a very upsetting glitch.


  • I don't know how much of the game is saved on your phone, but you could look into deleting the game on your phone and reloading it.

    You'd want to be sure that nothing it lost, though I imagine EA keeps everything you have on their servers, but you'd want to be sure before doing it.
  • Also if you click on “The Store” icon (hammer and saw) hat should bring it up as well. It’ll be on the main part like for THOH, The Vault, and one of them should say Gil deal.

    Hope that helps!
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