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Can't find Maggie



  • no maggie sound you say in "find Maggie"? Tap on hammer and saw bottom right of screen to get into store then tap small circle beside movie camera under "get help" then tap on "music volume". Your sound was probably turned off in the settings.

  • 11EEvey
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    in a year and a half I will come back to say that some people have trouble with Maggie making her sound during the mini game no matter what the settings are. Sometimes I have trouble and sometimes I don't and my settings stay the same
  • Ive noticed if i'm zoomed out all the way, sometimes the sound works sometimes it doesnt. But if i zoom in a little bit the sound seems to work everytime.
  • I stay zoomed out and tap every place she could be. I do have a proven route.
    I find Maggie 90% of the time.
  • if you don't succeed in finding her force quit the game and when you come back in all you will have to do is wait three minutes to try again.
    I love my computer...all my friends live in it
  • I ever went back to a movies forum to give the title of a sci fi film I was asking about twenty years ago :smile:
  • I ever went back to a movies forum to give the title of a sci fi film I was asking about twenty years ago :smile:

    I have been waiting about that long to recall the title of a film I watched as a kid. I can only remember scant details about it, which doesn't help. If someone answered a forum post 20 years later with this info I'd be stoked.
  • I just wanted to post something like this. I have trouble with Maggie, she doesn't make the sound and she is so small, I often scroll over her until time's up. The advice about her being in areas with a big set of houses 90% of the time is simply not true. I have 3 of those sets of houses and she is almost never there.
  • I put most of the buildings she will go on close together

    I have also put all the buildings in the same area close together that she lands on. For this mini game, I have the sound turned all the way up. When the last ding sounds, I tap each building several times and also listen for her. I find her 99% of the time!๐Ÿ˜‰
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