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Treestache not on my battle roster

I didn't buy Treestache when the episode tie-in came out, but now that I'm done with the two that were unlocked in Act I, I'm kind of bored. So, given a choice between Wigops and Treestache, I opted for the one that gives me trees (and is 5 donuts cheaper).
Just freed my little wizards from their four hour task and went to fight Treestache. There are seven monsters currently on my battle roster, including the newly released Burns dragon, but Treestache is not among them. I know that he was before I bought it, and he's still listed in LP's event post.

Does someone know more about this? I'm really aggravated that I can't do battle with something I spent 60 donuts on, when it was more than implied that I could.


  • Nixlinx
    126 posts Member
    edited October 2017
    There should pop up a task for Homer after you purchase Treestache. Something about cutting wood. It's a 4 hour task and after that there's another 4 hour wood cutting task. When you've completed both of them Treestache will appear in your battle roster.
  • did you complete the initial questline (Homer chopping wood/etc)? If not, I think you have to do that before his capture/enchant options become available.

  • You'd think they'd leave him on the battle roster and just fade it out or put a banner across it or something, rather than just eliminating him!

    Man, who plans the details on these things?
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