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Ninja homer

It's inside


  • rathmann72
    130 posts
    edited April 2013
    Inside IMO he are not worth the donuts cost if you have other Homer skins, i regret buying him anyway, but that's my opinion.
  • jesslynco
    270 posts Member
    edited April 2013
  • blbrooks38
    217 posts Member
    edited April 2013
    I you can afford it. Buy him. I think he's hilarious especially the 12hr. Twirl Whacking Stick. He goes all crazy, then is out of breath :lol:
  • Rosshk
    729 posts Member
    edited April 2013
    Not worth it. You can get Otto and a House for that.
  • SuperMario643000
    1589 posts
    edited April 2013
    Worth it, gives a use to the practice snakes and you may regret not buying him later.
  • chrisp530
    2611 posts
    edited April 2013
    You get to see Homer shirtless. Enough said.
  • cgeorgepdl
    99 posts
    edited April 2013
    Plus, you earn snakes. Homer doesn't have many good outside tasks, so this one is worth it to me!
  • mattperiolat
    677 posts Member
    edited April 2013
    Is it worth the trade off having Ninja Homer do hourly tasks for snakes vs. the 24 hr tasks for 20? I really need to boost my snake count and Ninja Homer is an option anyway.
  • jbillotte
    267 posts
    edited April 2013
    His tasks, in my opinion, have the best animations in te game.

    I think it would be great if ninja homer's smash up flander's house was outside and smash up his windows, get up on his roof and smash the roof and repeat.
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