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Laffy Meal Chances?

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edited October 2017
Hey I was just curious if there are any other premium decorations/buildings that can be earned with the chance your luck meal. I only have one more thing to purchase which is the eyeballs of death


  • And does the separate itchy and scratchy land also build onto your main item limit in town?
  • What is this strange sounding land of which you speak?
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  • OhHappyJays
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    I avoid the Laffy Meal like the plague. It's not as cost-effective as the Burns Box.

    Not to mention the Burns Box is cheaper, has more Percentage items, looks better, is cheaper, you don't need to go to a completely different area to access it, it's cheaper, the attractions aren't all that worth it, it's cheaper...etc.

    Did I mention its needlessly more expensive?
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  • In all honesty I can't remember what item where in the laffy meal but as to your other question Krustyland is an entirely separate map and has no effect on your Springfield.
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