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Fairy Dust

I haven’t seen any tasks that can be done for the currency (currently fairy dust) except for releasing Lewd, Crawl, and Kearneymon. Am I missing something?


  • A Glittery powder that can provide Magical events, actions or dreams to happen. Only a real Fairy or Pixie has this Dust.
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  • heyababy47428
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    edited October 2017
    tapping the tower to kill all the goblins.
  • Some of the premium characters have fairy dust as part of their quest line tasks, but lose it when the quest completes
  • Daily challenges , also.
  • Fairy kodos should have the jobs :(
  • The characters used to fight/tame the beasts/trolls should have event currency earning tasks for when they've finished with the beasts, but they don't and that makes me sad.
    I have the beasts/trolls all out, tapping goblins, the tent, and peasant SVT to earn event currency, which I believe is everything, but it doesn't feel like much, even when you factor in the measley neighbour visits :(
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