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Let's talk about THOH XXVIII

I personally loved the episode, but I can for sure understand why some people were disgusted. But, which items/characters would you like to be added to the game? BE AWARE OF (ALMOST SURE) SPOILERS.

I certainly would love the Priest and the "Other family" from Coralisa as characters, and definitely would like all the new restaurants from Mmm... Homer.

Did you hated/loved the episode, why? I, myself, found the second segment as one of the best episodes ever due to the art of it. And the Third One... well, It was more like "OMG I Can't believe they went there" and some sort of awkard laugh, but the fact that they were THAT transgressive is awesome


  • Can we get Mario Batali please? Maybe give him a questline where he challenges one of the restaurant owners to a cooking showdown, or something.
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  • I'm not really getting all the shock around that third segment. It was a pretty good idea, but the THOH are supposed to be all spooky and weird. Way back, they did that one about cooking up the schoolkids and the teachers eating them and getting fat. That was awesome, and I don't remember people getting all grossed out by it?
  • There's another thread in off topic
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