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Interesting thing I noticed while on FXX's "Simpsons World" app

So there's a special features section where they have dossiers on characters that are "Featured" in the show. It's a surprisingly limited amount of characters given how many they could include, but I couldn't help but notice who they included that wasn't part of the game so far:

They are VERY few characters (int he grand scheme of things) that are biographed here, so it mamkes me wonder hwy they haven't been added yet.

So CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG and if I added someone who is part of the game already, and I'll edit it. But I'm just surprised that they chose these certain characters that we haven't seen.

On Simpsons World character bios, characters that (AGAIN i believe haven't been added; I've been paying since the beginning so DON'T HATE if I was wrong for a few), are:

Here's the link for those wondering what I'm referencing (also damn this site is great in general): http://www.simpsonsworld.com/characters

Aristotle Amadopolis

Evelyn Peters



Old Barber

Kitenge (was he added?)


Phony McRing-Ring (who?!)

Tab Spangler (was he added?)

Wendell Borton

So basically I'm just intrigued that in cast of like 500 characters.....they featured these random characters in a list of character dossiers that only focused on less than 70 of the major Springfield players.

Should we expect to see them soon? Or else lwhy would they take a spot over other much more well known people, on an official Simpsons developed website.


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