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Ready for Halloween Mystery Box?


  • Does the Space Marshmallow still earn a standard payout or has it been bumped to premium?
  • simpsonare wrote: »
    Just a quick question. I went ahead and tried after seeing others odds. First I got donut torture. Then I got the cauldron.

    My question is!: will having the cauldron make the wiccans go to the one you place and do their ritual? Or will it continue to be where they are standing?

    The wiccans don't have anything to do with the cauldron. The only one with a task associated with the cauldron is Witch Marge.
  • Yep, had 391 donuts and now down to 43. No sepulchre of evil and still have 4 more to go. Certain it'll be the last thing I get of course.
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  • I love these boxes. They are one of the best parts of recent events.

    I got all the stuff available in mine - Radioactive Millhouse, Nudey Kirk, Nudey Luann, Spider Willie, Nightmare Pile and the Sepulcure of Evil.

    Lots of premium content for a measly 300 donuts. What a bargain. :)

    I did the same thing. For 50 donuts a pop, I didn't mind getting a few things that weren't needed (premium skins for characters that are already premium) in order to get and the other stuff!
  • Does the Space Marshmallow still earn a standard payout or has it been bumped to premium?

    just checked. standard pay.
  • hatchet669 wrote: »
    Does the Space Marshmallow still earn a standard payout or has it been bumped to premium?

    just checked. standard pay.

    Thanks for checking. :)
  • "Grumble, grumble, grumble, curse." After reading about everyone's successes with the MBox, I splurged and bought three in a row. I got none of the worthwhile prizes. I'd probably have to spend another 150 D's to even get one of the items with an XP value. Oh well, it IS Halloween after all!
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  • wadebear wrote: »
    The things I need to equalize my #3 game with my other 2 games are: the Cauldron with Marge the Witch, the Grand Pumpkin, and maybe the Donut Torture Device because I can't remember if I have it. I will (of course) get everything else first.
    Well I wound up having to get all but 1 item from the Halloween Mystery Box - the Sepulcher of Evil - but then I had stuff in my #3 game that I didn't have in my #1 or 2... So I just wound up getting everything in all 3 games. Then I did the same for the Magical Mystery Box . In all it cost me:
    Game 1: 805 donuts
    Game 2: 870 donuts
    Game 3: 1215 donuts
    But at least I'm that much closer to having all the same items in all 3 of my games.
    I Bleeped Off about not getting Marge the Witch with the Cauldron though. That means I have to wait another year. Unless it gets released sooner. You never know - Brandine was only available for Valentines until they released her for some other event one year, and then they did it again just recently. Maybe we'll have to grow Christmas Trees at Cletus' farm or something and Witch Marge will get released then...
  • Bought everyone that I could, love them all
  • Nixlinx
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    Is the Sepulcher of Evil broken ?



    The position of the book is messed up while Burns perfoms his 4 hour task, but only when you turn it so that the 2 statues look to the left.

    Is this "normal" ?? I closed the app completely and restarted, but it seems to stay this way.
  • I just bought everything, to get it over with.
  • Yes my sepulchre needs to be facing the one way or it like disappears or something. That's been going on for a while.
  • The only thing I had inside the Haloween mystery box was Radioactive Millhouse.
    So with just one time 50 D, bought the skin.
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  • All I really want is the Grand Pumpkin, but I have six items in my box and a lot are skins, so I might not go for it. I’m not sure yet.

    Good luck to all who were waiting for Witch Marge. I was able to get her last year.
  • The Sepulcher of Evil is the only thing in the box for me. I didn't get it the first time on purpose because I heard it's huge and doesn't go with anything in my town. Stuff we don't have is "ruins" or not enough ruin like structure items to go with it.....we got some last year but even if I got it I actually got no room anymore in my Halloween Heights area for something this large. Maybe after the event....except it'll probably be gone by then.
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  • Create a spooky area, you. Get sepulchre. Enjoy. It's very Burns, one of the most Burns things Burns does.
  • Does Radioactive Millhouse have a trick or treat task?
    Make Nightmare Pile like Zombie Sandwich. All kids trick or treat at once.
  • Create a spooky area, you. Get sepulchre. Enjoy. It's very Burns, one of the most Burns things Burns does.

    I just got the Sepulcher, very cool looking, although large. It does have a wonderful animated task for Burns, but two issues, first the animation for the task only works properly in one orientation, and I have the Moneybags Burns skin, which is triple premium, so he won’t be there! Still pretty coo, and goes well with other Halloween content. Good deal at 50 donuts, never would have paid 225.
  • ArmpitAttack
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    Regular Milhouse already do trick or treating, so no new monster pile costume. [Edit:] And i think you already have access to this outfit for its campfire story task. There is a new 24 hour visual, and he's got a basic bravado pose visual in front of school.

    And i pull Burns off of his money pile to read the necronomicon all the time. It's worth it for variety sake, and moneybags burns' earnings is only the equivalent of having another sherri & terri anyway, it's not like he's at 5x the normal rate or something hugely important like that.
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  • I bought one and got the sepulcher. I feel lucky. Not getting another one ;)
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