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Do you think EA made it too hard?



  • pbpandapuffs
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    Toj427 wrote:
    cgeorgepdl wrote:
    Time consuming? That's the complaint? As if you wouldn't be playing it anyway! It's great because it's busy work, but productive and rewarding.
    I play the game plenty and I'm at 5200 snakes. Some of us have work and life outside the game. Some of us play the game, but not all day every day. It's probably a vast majority of the players actually.

    This is where I'm at. I admit I don't visit all my neighbors every day because I don't have time. Only while on holiday break did I have time to visit everyone every day. And frankly looking for snakes is so tedious, even when I do have time...well, I just don't visit many people at once. I won't get everything. I think getting 12,500 snakes is far too much to expect from all but the die-hards. If I were a more casual player I would hate this update. All those goodies and no way to get them with only a few friends :cry: As only somewhat obsessed, I'm enjoying it but knowing I won't get the last few prizes is a bummer!
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