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Skin but no character?!?

Just got Squirrel Luann from HMB but don't have Luann. Buy Cracker Factory? Not gonna do it.


  • frosted1414
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    edited October 2017
    I don't have Luann either, but one day I'll get her. I just got Frink in the bundle and recently got Hank Scorpio and barny and even boobarella in bundles. Earlier this year I thought I'd never be able to get these things. KEM farming and boosting % bonus has made it easier.
    EDIT forgot Evil Shopkeeper
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  • You should get Luann and the Cracker Factory.
  • petehd14 wrote: »
    You should get Luann and the Cracker Factory.

    Yes do it as the game needs your money.
    I NUKED my main town. >:)
  • Castiel19x wrote: »
    petehd14 wrote: »
    You should get Luann and the Cracker Factory.

    Yes do it as the game needs your money.

    We dont want Big Matt eating cat food, do we?
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  • Snakeyees
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    Guess you never see Luann as a hawt squirrel
  • also u unlock fleetapeta with her
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  • You guys talked me in to buying the cracker factory so I can use my squirrel skin. Thanks guys!
  • *Sigh* Now considering cracker factory. Maybe I’ll wait for a possible Black Friday cracker factory. Let it rain crackers. Graham. Saltine. Cool Ranch Wasabi.
  • WindsongBard
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    edited November 2017
    lol yeah. Yeah that is very tempting. I am kind of surprised her skin shows up in the Halloween mystery box if you don't have Luann.
    I admit that the skins can be annoying to have when you don't have the character to go with them. I gave in to temptation quite a bit this year. I got Drederick Tatum earlier this year and already had his shorts. I had the Number 79 costume for Disco Stu and only recently got him. The same thing with Number 67 and Arnie Pye only got to use his outfit a few months ago. Wow I really did have a lot of costumes lying around... I got all these costumes for free in events. I don't recall the last time they gave free costumes for premium characters in an event actually so maybe they are learning. At any rate now I am down to Baseball Jasper and Stonecutter Jasper in my storage. Jasper doesn't look nearly as Hawt as Luann in her squirrel costume though. :p
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