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Favorite Simpsons Character tournament!

Hey yall, instead of doing homework like I should be I've been watching the Treehouse of Horror Marathon all day and figured it would be fun to do a favorite Simpsons character not named Simpson tournament on my twitter. Since I probably only have a handful of followers that are not robots, I'll try for a little more exposure over here. (Disclaimer: I don't care if you follow me or not, I just want some more votes to see what happens!) A retweet or 2 would be nice though. Oh also, I'm not working for anyone or any corporate entity this is my own personal twitter and I have no intention of trying to sell you anything. Just was curious how this might shake out!

Anywho, I made a list of 48 characters worth being in the conversation of Favorite Non-Simpson Character. I seeded the Top 16 cuz obviously certain side characters are much more visible (i.e. Moe, Apu, Mr. Burns, etc.). The bottom 32, I matched up via random draw for a 1st round. The winners from that round will match up with 1 of the top 16 and I'll pair it down from there. Pretty simple!

My twitter: @dan_thetwitch

Here's the link to the 1st tweet, all others are in replies.

Leave some feedback here if you like! Thanks for the read!


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