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How do I send a PM

When you say you did a couple of searches, do you mean for the thread or for the member? The search bar for topics does seem to pick threads at random, but the member search ( which is accessed by clicking on "search" --> "'member listing" --> "search by username" is accurate and should let you PM the person when you click on their profile.


  • woelfli304
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    qisg wrote:
    I give up trying to figure out how to send a PM message on this forum. The person I'm trying to send a PM to, started a topic but the topic has disappeared. So I know his name, but not how to use that information to send him a message.
    I did do a couple of searches but with too many irrelevant results.
    I'm sure it is simple
    1. click on "Private Messages" in the white section above the forums
    2. click on the "pm"-button
    3. click on "Open Adressbook"
    4. enter the name of this person manually.

    This should work. Good luck! :)
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