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Raise your hand if you sometimes forget to tap on and release the beasts

Ugh, I just did it again. Opened up my game, tapped on Lord Montymort stuff, went over to the beasts and noticed they were all waiting to be released. This doesn't happen a lot to me, but I've been distracted a few times and failed to release the beasts, enough times that it's gotten annoying.


  • Its so easy to forget with this event and I've done it quite a lot so now i'm having to double check every time because I keep forgetting.
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  • Ahem, guilty. :(
  • That and the Radio Station.....lol
  • All the time. All the time.
  • I had to encircle the beast's lairs around Montymort as a reminder after forgetting twice. Way too easy to forget them.
  • I only remember when I check the fridge and realize I’m out of mead.
  • *raises hand*

    I've done this a handful of times, always on my last login before going to bed. Oddly, about half the time when I load the game in the morning, I can somehow sense I've forgotten. :D
  • I was starting to ignore them deliberately thinking about how I don't need too many more decorations from them, but they earn event currency so I have to grind for that. I might be getting event fatigue. I wouldn't be surprised.
  • I've forgotten to release them several times now... Sometimes all of them, and other times just one or two. :expressionless:
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  • meinaz
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    but yes all of the time. There has to be an easier way.
  • Yeah, I've forgotten a few times. Usually it's the last check-in of the night when it happens.
  • Actually you may not be forgetting. I keep a check off list on the table beside me because I kept forgetting to collect from the rocket. I have it two squares away from everything else because I moved the things that I had away from it in two of my towns. I added "check the monsters" to the list and I still find the just sitting around in the morning. The next thing I'm going to try is the write down what I have in inventory from them and see if it changes.
  • All the people having trouble finishing acts just raised their hands.
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  • I've done it too
  • Yep, every day. Especially since I got them totally separated in different spots. I don't have their spots in 1 area.
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