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What's going on with Defeat Montymort?


  • Just got him this morning, and I'm still trying to get the Count!
  • i got the count two days ago.. im on final battle with monty now with my beasts. just started late last night. blah.. worst act ever.
  • I just got him. He's on his 8 hour task now.
  • PatrickSays
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    I had to defeat him four times and because it didn’t register the first time I defeated him. Just complete madness.

    I just finished final task and got him as full character with 1 day to go in event and I have pretty much all the characters, heavy premium player with 2k%. I didn’t want to rush it with donuts on purpose I was just unhappy with the whole situation.
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  • I will probably have to rush through at least half the last beast battles.
  • This is absolutely ridiculous. There are reports from every major Tapped Out that this got messed up and the support team hasn't said a damn word. Meanwhile, people are spending their own money to try and complete something EA broke.
  • Upon completing Act 3, it is clearly stated that " You have won all the prizes! Keep collecting Goblin Gold to earn free donuts!"
    It does not say that you must complete defeating Lord Montymort and The Vestige storyline in order to earn free donuts.
    I completed the prizes for acts 1 & 2 before finishing the storyline and received donuts. I did the same in act 3, since donuts were more important than another character. I have over 50,000 goblin gold which I should have received 3 donuts for.
    I will not use donuts in order to finish, nor will I purchase more donuts in order to acquire buildings and characters for future events. I'm a premium player but there's is no way I will give EA another thin dime when they can't part with 3 measly donuts.
  • Does it really say goblin gold? That is for sure a mistake. Goblin gold is for spending on crafting only. I'll have to pay more attention next time.
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  • Yes, it does say Goblin Gold, hence the confusion. Toad princes is what it should say, if that is what should give donuts after completing all the act 3 prizes
  • And to clarify, I have over 50,000 toad princes
  • It's going to be funny on here after the event finishes if EA gives Montymort to all players for free.
  • I used donuts to get him. The grind was too much. B)
  • @nascarchamp0 this is the message I got:
    Then you start at 0/15000 :
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  • This is the closest I've come to not finishing an event in time. I finally got the Count yesterday and I hope to get Montymort tonight sometime. This was terrible. I wouldn't have minded coming close to the end to finish if the event was fun, but it wasn't. It was boring. The endless defeating of the Montymort was sooooo boring. They have to come up with a new game mechanic. The sending the same handful of characters to "fight" for 4hrs over and over again isn't fun. At least with the superhero villains, there was a chance you could lose a battle, you had to take a minute and strategize what order to send your opponents in. But this was just dull. Endless monorail was the only reason I remembered to even log in.

    I think I would have preferred a return of the wheel... or dare I say it? Baskets, eggs, and bunnies. At least it wasn't dull.
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  • I panicked and used donuts to finish the monster battles. It took 6 rounds of 4 donuts each, I thought there were supposed to be 4 rounds. I never would have finished today if I had not used the donuts. I am a premium player with 600% bonus.
  • Maybe that's their point, you can't ever defeat Lord Montymort. Just buy more donuts, we'll send more stuff (paraphrase from the Angry Beavers episode, The Howling Leeches.)
  • Ok so I just beat and got Lord Montymort... and he’s got an 8 hour task to finish the event quest line. Anyone know if we have to finish this additional task in the next 8 hours? Or if we miss out on anything if we don’t finish the event quest line in time? Because if there are any tasks after this 8 hour task, I’m out of time to complete them....
  • frosted1414
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    If you have finished vestige part 5 and have him thats it, you have him. His unlock quest can be done at any time. You could even save it for next year if that tickles you.
    BUT it sounds like you are still on vestige part 4. You might still have time tomorrow, after the end time, to finish up. The "take down" server update usually doesn't happen right away. That's just a guess though. It might even be possible to turn off automatic updates on your device and keep working on Montymort for a few days past the end date.
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  • I’m happy to report or maybe unhappy. That I’m on the final silly battle with Montymort. Hopefully there’s enough time after to complete the event
  • Unbelievable! Montymort is now Giant again. No rest period, just more endless battles which means, I'll never get him before the event is over. I hate this event soooo much!
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