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Tell me why I should give you 100 eggs

I have pretty much finished whacking day and have all the prizes, so I am not interested in egg trades.

I do have an embarrassingly large stash of eggs saved up, mainly because of the accursed 15 minute autokick, that has made it such a pain to visit large numbers of friends while leaving eggs with each.

So, to the point, there are no set criteria, you can say what you want or use any tactic you deem fit to see if you can you be one of the lucky few to part me with 100 of my eggs.

The only conditions are that you send me a friend request (only fair for you to spend 10 seconds adding me considering I will be spending several minutes dropping eggs in your town if you are chosen), and you have a area of clear space large enough to accommodate 100 eggs (about 1.5 blocks of land).

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