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Trying To Get EA Help....

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Yesterday my game had an error and then a lot of things stopped working....like the character button in the left corner didn't work, rail yard stopped working, 100% of all characters were unlocked in SH but are now locked, my claw game is now giving Even Currency of bowling shoes instead of inventory item prizes, I upgraded my IRS building for a big area of clearing items for every tap but now that radius is really small or non existent, etc.....

I submitted a claim yesterday. Requested a call today. 2 hours later they called to help. They are going to have to reset my game to 2 days ago, which I suspected would have to happen.

The challenge is I earned 170 donuts in the last two days....100 donuts from a paid Scratcher and the rest earned from farming. She kept on saying I would lose anything from my progress in the last two days and resisted to confirm she would replace any missing donuts if not present after the game was restored.....even tho I used real for 100 of those donuts.

After 1 hour and 3 minutes of only getting vague non committal stated answers to having my donuts restored she disconnected the call....without resolving my broken game. I was calm and pleasant the entire call.

I requested a second call back online. He called 2 hours later put me on hold to review my claim. Within 90 seconds of coming off hold he disconnected the call....obviously without resolving my broken game.

Neither bothered to call me back after obviously not resolving the issue.

Now the option to request a call is not even available online in my claim on the tech support page.

So......once i can get someone who will not hang up....with 2 days left in the Harry Potter event, my game will be have to be reset to 3 days ago.....leaving me no physical way to earn the Montymort character.

Just venting......so frustrating......
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