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Pay it forward

To all my friends,

As I stated in an earlier post, I've noted everyone's snake count and am now dedicating all my eggs to those who are still short of 12,500. Kelvin- thanks for all the eggs. Really appreciated your contribution. I'm still not at 12,500, but should be there by the time this kerfluffle ends. Graywolfii- thank you too!

So my friends, those of you over 12,500, please understand why I am not leaving you eggs. I'm just trying to help out my other friends.

BTW- I try to leave eggs by the waterfall unless you don't have open space, then it's by the statue or some other neat looking place in your town. Since I'm spreading them out to a lot of people, you won't get many (4 or 5), but you will get them daily.
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