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Confirm Widerspread Backend Issue That Breaks Many Parts of the Game

4 days ago my game had an error while clearing a Montymort fight task. I assumed it was simply a corrupted game profile in their servers and they would just restore to the day before the error. I am on my 4th EA customer service rep trying to help me in as many days.

I got some confirmed answers a few minutes ago. Apparently this is a bigger issue than just my profile and is effecting a wider range of TSTO users......

Here are the issues I am having:
  • Initial error…. When I tried to clear Montymort fight it normally shows how many toads and goblin gold was earned. Instead it had a weird symbol and 0. Then I could not tap to end the fight task. I had to close the game and reload it and I could tap on 1 character in the fight task, but no more. I had to restart the game to tap on each individual person in the Montymort fight task. Once this error hit all of the following errors started too……
  • The character button broken…. in the top left will not jump to any character
  • Rail Yard broken… is not working correctly. Suppose to always available cycles of prizes. That is missing. When I on the notebook tab in top right corner there are 3 tabs for daily challenge / rail yard / Road To Riches. When I tap on rail yard then the 3 tabs on the left change to all the 4 tabs in the Harry Potter event. I earn 10 donuts a day with the rail yard. I have not been able to earn that for the last 4 days so I have lost 40 donuts so far due to this error.
  • Springfield Heights all locked…. I had 100% of all the characters unlocked but now they are all locked.
  • IRS Building Tap Radius Lost…. I had upgraded my IRS building all the way shy of the last step. So I had a huge radius of clearing items when I tapped. I know have barely any radius. So what would take 1 tap now requires 5 or 6 additional taps to clear the same items. Between this and the character button not jumping to characters it now takes nearly 20 minutes LONGER to clear my town ever 4 hours.
  • Claw Game Broken….. the claw game now gives the even currency of bowling shoes instead of inventory items.
  • Chili Inanity Game Broken…. no longer works. Normally this can be done every 8 hours. I have not be able to do it for 4 days now.

Here is EA's latest replies:
My name is XXXXXXX, and I am a representative of EA’s World Wide Customer Experience team handling your case.

I have gone through your case and found that you had technical issue while playing your game, I know it must be disappointing and It should not have happened, however please be assured, we will do our best to address your concern.

I would like to inform you that I can understand how disappointing it is but some of the customers have reported this issue and our Developers are aware of it and are working for a resolution. We appreciate your patience while the issue is being looked into.

As much as I would love to, I wont be able to resolve this for you as this needs to be fixed on a developmental level. For the meantime, I will suggest to wait for the fix,

Should you have any further questions regarding this or any other issues, please do not hesitate to let us know.

I asked of an guessimated time frame and to confirm they will replace any lost donuts, event items earned, and items won or purchased if lost when the fix is implemented and here is his timely response:
Thank you for the understanding in this matter. We really appreciate that, and now regarding the estimated time for the fix, I would like to inform you, unfortunately it’s something that we do not have direct control over so, I am afraid providing estimate time would count as false information here.

Our team is really working hard to fix it, and I am certain that it will be fixed as soon as possible.

We appreciate your time and co operation.If you feel that you need help with anything else in future then please feel free to contact us back. We are available 24*7

Have a great day ahead, goodbye and take care.

I will post any updates as I get them......


  • My advice — don’t wait for a patch. In spite of what you are being told about a imminent fix, this bug (or a variant of it) has been around for months with no patch forthcoming. Instead, I would ask for a rollback. If you do that, you’ll a certain amount of progress. And, additionally, you won’t get any compensatory content or donuts; but you’re probably not go get that anyway.
  • This is the main thread where players have reported similar problems, the first post is dated June 25th this year:
    Answers HQ Hero HELP THREADS
  • Thank you for sharing that Link and the suggestion to reset my game.

    I have now gone through 8 different reps now with the same canned answer that this is a known issue and will be fixed in a future update and just wait. But as Muhsterino shared above....they have been saying that for the last 5 months.

    I have been requesting to rest my game to the last working day at least 5 times now, with the same canned answer above.

  • Okay....I have a real answer now......an unbelievable answer....

    I posted this in the other thread linked above too, but wanted to share it here too in case anyone is following this......

    Okay after I was unrelenting in accepting the SAME canned copy & pasted "official" answer of a patch will be released soon to fix this, the 9th rep finally was honest......

    I have been hit by this bug TWICE!!! The first time they rolled back my game to the last working day, the replaced the items I lost in the rollback, and it fixed everything.

    Basically now he said that when I was hit by this same bug a few months back, they did roll my game back and it fixed it. But now that there are soooo many people hit with this bug they are NOT taking the time to roll back each individual game effected......even though they KNOW THIS WILL FIX IT.

    Instead rolling back the games (which they know does fix the glitch) they are now enforcing the rule that if anyone is hit by this bug they simply have to deal with on their own and wait until they fix it on the backend..........which they have been working on for at least 5 months so far!!!! He confirmed they do not have any ETA on a fix.

    Official EA Response after 7 days and over 15 requests to roll back my game:
    I understand that previously the roll back option worked but many people are facing the same issue and we are trying to come up with a patch to get it fixed so it is requested please wait for sometime and it will be fixed. Thanks for your understanding.

    So until they eventually fix it, I will never be able to
    • I cannot get the free 5 free donuts a day as my Rail Yard is broken. So far I have missed out on 60 free donuts and counting 5 more missed donuts a day until fixed.... THIS HURTS!!!!!! And should not be a price paid by a premium player when there is a known fix available
    • I cannot jump to a character and have to manually search my whole town or look them up individually via town hall because character button in top left corner is broken. This adds hours (when it used to take minutes) to the game very quickly.
    • Have to do 5 extra taps for every 1 tap I used to be able to do because the IRS tap radius is not reset back to level 1.....that adds up to hundreds of extra taps really quickly
    • Cannot play the Insane Hot Pepper Cauldron Game
    • Cannot Play the Claw Game
    • Cannot do anything with SH, unless I want to go through and unlock every character again
    • Cannot finish Monty Mountain of Gold as that was reset to level 1
    • and what ever else broke with this glitch I can't think of at the moment.....
  • I am having the exact same problems, I have contacted customer service numerous times. The last time, they said they forwarded my claim to a specialist who will help fix my issues. That was days ago & I haven't heard anything since. Very disappointing!
  • Here is a post I posted on HOW TO GET YOUR GAME FIXED when hit with this glitch with TWO known solutions:

    Here is a post I posted on how to play with your broken game while you follow the steps in the above post to get your game fixed….
  • On March 20th after the 18th amendment campaign ended and the next updated was downloaded my game got hosed.

    I cant jump to a character, got to hunt them down.(so annoying)

    Springfield Heights characters are all locked, I had them all unlocked(the free ones)

    I got a message that I could go back and complete missions iv missed but nothing in the task book shows up.

    My Worlds Largest Redwood is showing level 1 state when I am actually at level 3

    Mr Burns Money Mountain is showing level 1 state when I am actually at level 3

    Sent one support ticket(email) never got a response.

    Been on the phone twice, first I was told to clear game cache and game data. Uninstall and reinstall program. Make sure that my google play store app was up to date(why), reboot phone. I did this all before my first call and no difference. Second call I was informed there are some bugs and EA was working on it. So if this was really the case, why have me do all the other stuff first.

    I get feeling like other's here you're just being passed off.

    I was just getting into a grove with this game and able to buy items as they come along vs taksing for days to scrounge up the money. I personally think they muck up your game to slow you down if your a "freemium" player.

    Iv had the same thing happen to me in another app(game)
  • I personally think they muck up your game to slow you down if your a "freemium" player.

    Nope, this has happened to all types of players, freemium and otherwise.
  • I'm having exactly the same problems, which all occurred during the Outlands event I've also noticed that the character Fatov no longer has a 4 hour task which appears to have been replaced with a 3 hour task where the result is collecting ribbons instead of any monetary amount (I think this was one of the tasks when he/it was unlocked in the Olympics task all those years ago).
    I haven't contacted the support yet, as I thought it might get resolved on the next update but hasn't and thought it might have just been me who was having the problems!
  • They fixedmy problem by rolling me back, but In the process you lose whatever characters & donuts u gained since then. Now 4 days later (after everything was fixed) the exact same problem came again! I wrote EA but I guess their off on the weekends because i haven't received a reply. I'll never be able to complete the current tasks etc in time now. This issue is horrible! They still have no clue on a ETA for the fix.
  • I hadn't experienced this before, but it just happened to me. Super bummed to see that there seems to be no real solution for it, but glad to read of other's experiences.
  • Smilee306 wrote: »
    I hadn't experienced this before, but it just happened to me. Super bummed to see that there seems to be no real solution for it, but glad to read of other's experiences.

    This just happened to me an hour ago, it's real annoying too considering all the progress I've made.
  • I am also having all these same issues. I submitted a bug report, but have not spoken with anyone yet about a rollback.

    I don't have any solutions, only to update you poor souls out there that my problem started around the beginning of April 2018. So if you're reading this, don't feel alone and IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!
  • Yep, once again. This has happened to me before. Off I go to EA Support to ask for a rollback.
  • Just to recap - I didn't want to be "stuck" in this abbreviated world when the game shifts to the 2nd act of the story-line so I went ahead and contacted EA and they rolled back my game to a few days ago and it works fine now. I gave them 72 hours to fix it but couldn't take it anymore.

    Of course, I'll get a chill every time it asks me to update but...at least it's good before the 2nd act of the story-line.
  • So I have been struck with this sane problem for the THIRD time now! They rolled back my game the first 2x which fixed it for about 1 week, now it looks like they can't do anything & they said they'll forward it to someone on the technical side to see what they can do. However that was a week agoand nobody had contacted me at all! This is horrible customer service & it's ridiculous to not come up with the patch fix after all these paying customers invested our money into this game. EA Sports is very disappointing!!
  • hobbesisreal
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    @Jwmc0311 Do not accept their canned boiler plate copy and pasted meaningless avoidance responses.

    I have been hit with this glitch 10 times so far. You must insist a rollback and while remaining polite BE FIRM and do not accept no or you have to wait answers and force them to roll back your game.

    It has been 1 year and 1 month and still no fix, so do NOT believe them when they say one is coming soon.
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