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Act 3 Was....Different

Is it just me and my lack of understanding or did Act 3 really throw the event for a small loop compared to act 2 and act 1? I didn't get the final prize but a mere few days before the event ended and then I didn't get the Burns clone until after that. Whereas, act 1 and 2 I finished everything 7 days before their ends. And the bonus donuts were not available until this secondary Burns quest. Really odd setup that seemed uneven compared to the other acts.

Eh? Meh?

Also, this event is almost over. 4 hours...
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  • I gotta spend my goblin boogers!
  • I've spent most of mine. Whatever I happen to collect by midnight I'll spend that, but if not, it's okay that I lose out on the last few boogies.
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  • It was long. I got Dracula with some time to spare like other acts but I didn’t get Montymort until yesterday.

  • I guess I must have played a bit more causally than I was.

    Event over, but you can still craft and there's most of the items for sale.
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  • No @simp7fan I doubt you played more casually than most of the rest of us. It was really uneven, designed to take up most of the third act (but not the first two...weird). Also, not in a fun way, but instead felt very grind-y. Then of course there were those who were additionally hampered by the glitch. Not a good idea to leave so little leeway when we know glitches are a frequent occurrence around here.
  • Thanks.

    Well, hopefully the prizes are still available to win (I can't tell since I have them all) for those who were behind. And hopefully they don't force an update for a few days.
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  • First time since starting to play the game that I haven't finished an event. Nowhere near dracula and another round to go on Montymort - can continue with Montymort for now but what point ?
  • Seems it was a bad timing that I didn't have as much time to play in this act than in the first two... luckily, with lots of regular cash and a high multiplier, I could easily make the donuts I needed to get all prizes. :smile:
  • I played like a madwoman (even waking up in the middle of the night a few times!) and only barely got both last prizes. Then the fact that you had to complete the questline, which went on for at least another day or two...it seemed like no more than a play to taunt people with the mirage of bonuts that could never be achieved. Not to mention the currency cost to get a chance at them. This was really mean-spirited, but maybe that was supposed to be the scary part?
  • I gotta spend my goblin boogers!

    I gave up on this too. I have as many fences as toilets. I left like 10k on the table.
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