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Didn't Manager Cletus pay out premium?

He doesn't anymore, if he ever did. I could have sworn he did.


  • He use to but they seemed to made the costume no longer a premium.
  • The premium payout he originally had was a mistake since he was a prize not a premium purchase.
  • I would have quoted a link to LPN’s ‘what changed.....’ thread, but it cannot be accessed at the moment. LPN’s Simpsonswiki page does have all the changes, in which it says that Manager Cletus' jobs are no longer premium.
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  • If they can fix this mistake so quickly, why cant fix the hippie and make him premium, since he costs donuts?
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  • Definitely was premium. God that Homerpalooza event sucked.
  • The downside to the Mystery Boxes - even though they say they have premium prizes EA usually seems to forget to adjust these characters' payouts.
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