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Ultimate 6 Day Egg Pact

For those of us hovering around the 8000egg mark we need a final push to get to Miss Springfield- heres my proposition:

6 people- 6 days
Each day all 6 of us dedicate all our eggs to one of us- whoever is the closest to the mark would be first to recieve and the furthest away would be last- the approximate math assuming everyone is true and fair is at least 1200 eggs if everyone gives 200 which isnt that much for a daily player- now that 1200 that person recieved is gonna turn into more eggs for the next person further away so on and so forth

Pm me if your interested- with your egg count, first messages will have priority and ill post here when the slots are full

Im looking for honest and fair people, we all love playing and we all want as many items as we can get so please only join us if your serious and honestly looking to help and for help :) This isnt a charity thread so you have to contribute

sorry this isnt for the 300egg people theres really no way to get you to that final piece, like I said its more for those hovering in the 7500-8500 mark that need a for sure boost to make it all the way

Ill let you know by tonite and pm you with your 5 other egg friends and the order we're going in (its 4:15 my time so by 9pm) and we'll start tomorrow ;)
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