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(Weirdest) Black Friday is live


  • still going with the 10 bilion complete questline sounds...

    Same here.
  • 1pillform
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    Already got all that. So all of those will be empty for me. Except for the dragon bundle which I never got from the Around The World Event. Because I didn't care about them. Not sure what is so "weird" about multiple box's.....
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  • I got Shapes gym, it's nice to have skin for Marge... I will buy more boxes later, probably gonna spend donuts only on characters boxes.
  • I got Shapes with my free token. Opened a few boxes and got Dia-Betty, Springfield Sign and Springfield Gorge.
  • I got the Solid Gold Mansion with my free token then bought enough tokens to get the rest out of the box.
  • aabcampos2 wrote: »
    Hi @BLITZDonuts

    Did you got daredevil Bart skin with the Springfield Gore?


    You get the skin after you complete Gorge quests.
  • I got Himeji Castle with my free token.

    Herb was the only one in my character box, so I pounced!

    I then spent too many donuts on the Silver box just to get Belle - probably took me 250 donuts to land her, more than she would've cost on her own! :(

    Well, at least I got a bunch of other buildings and upped my %age a bit.

    Disappointed Lovejoy Residence and Apu's Apartment aren't part of this - they're the only 2 characters I still don't have!
  • I got the polo field house with my free token. Really wanted the Marge skin. Spent 2,400 donuts to clear all the boxes available. I liked it.

    I got that dang polo field house too. I figured as long as I didn't get the Mars colony, the spa, or the polo house I'd be fine with anything else. So, of course I got one of the three things I didn't want. :(
  • Character Box seems to be the best deal for me. Bought one, got Shary Bobbins. May buy one or two more. Also might try the Building Box.
  • I'm waiting until the Cyber Monday box and other items show up. The box has a better chance of me getting something I want and there are some inexpensive sci-fi items I want to pick up.
  • rockyb2006 wrote: »
    still going with the 10 bilion complete questline sounds...

    Same here.

    Same, and it's annoying. Happy holiday to all :smiley:
  • Are they allowing multiples on some items because I already have the bear cave but it's coming up as a prize option.
  • mchannyc wrote: »
    Received Bandit Fort with my free token

    Same here :smile:
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  • I got the University Nerds in my free box. Pretty happy about that.

    Still deciding where to spend the rest my of my sprinkles though.
  • jukan00 wrote: »
    Are they allowing multiples on some items because I already have the bear cave but it's coming up as a prize option.

    Yes they are. I got "The Mayflower" from my last Decoration Box and I already had one in my Springfield. But when I got it, it dissapeared from the box list.
  • ramrod130
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    edited November 2017
    I got the Mars colony with my free token. Spent around 1,000 to clear out the character box and still have 550 donuts left. Thanks KEM farming!!!
  • Did alright so far got Womens Gym with gold toke Shary Robbins from character box and sugar loaf mountain from outdoor box. really wanted springfield gorge though.
  • miraclemet wrote: »
    Got the spa with my token (super yawn).
    Gonna go buy character ones since they have the best ratio of stuff I can use (characters) vs stuff I don't care about...

    I got the spa too, so meh. I plan on doing the same with the character boxes.

    Just burned thru 600+ doughnuts and cleared my character boxes.

    Is there a list of the bonus %s associated with the various prizes?
    I'm about to start looking them all up individually, but maybe someone already did it?
  • ZeBadmedic wrote: »
    If you want get them without a goal, then yes they are cool, but not when you want something specific, because there is so much crap in these boxes. So i pass all of them. Probably better, because so i have more for the Christmas Event.
    Just got the Mars Colony with my Free Box. Looks pretty nice and cute animation.

    Be prepared for some Christmas Boxes...

    Because i got all the stupid Pagan Items last Year and love Christmas, I will be fine with Christmas Boxes
  • I think the boxes are a good idea.
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