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I'm addicted but my brothers think this game is boring ?

Make them try it, then it's checkmate!


  • MrBill82x
    4 posts
    edited May 2013
    I think the game is both addicting and boring, to an extent.

    The new content (mostly) is fun, and it's neat to get new pieces to add to your town.

    I think the Whacking Day requirements are a bit... excessive... and it can become pretty boring.

    The other major "boring" flaw of the game is town redesign. It's tons of fun for a while, but after a certain point, it takes FOREVER to redo an entire town. My town has been in transition for weeks.
  • sammercer12
    368 posts
    edited May 2013
    I'm addicted to the game but sometimes it can get boring if nothing new happens
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