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Willie's Shack, Gulp n Blow, Power Plant

If you have skinner, make sure to send him on all of his tasks.
Then make sure that all characters are free together and this will help to get new tasks for each character.
Skinner leads to willie and I had goop n blow before willie and the power plant shortly after.


  • Jbennett4624
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    jiffypark wrote:
    I'm at level 13 but haven't unlocked these yet. What have I missed doing? I do everything in the taskbook. I currently am at at Bead Dream House Pt 2 that requires me to build Willie's shack but it's still locked.

    To get Willie’s Shack,
    you must already have built the Springfield Elementary. Once you have built the Springfield Elementary, Seymour will send you on a number of quests then eventually you will receive a quest named School house Crock Pt. 4. Once you reach this quest you also are required to be at least level 10 for the building to be activated and ready to be built.

    Upon building Willie’s Shack you will notice it is considerably small. It almost looks like a tent but it does earn you some good money for your level and on top of that it unlocks Groundskeeper Willie. Willie’s Shack will earn you 110 cash and 11 xp every 6 hours so its not that bad but the big thing is Willie will also be in your town. Unlocking Willie will allow you to gain more money from his daily jobs and unlock some quests that relates to him and the Springfield Elementary.

    To get the Gulp’N’Blow in The Simpsons: Tapped Out, you are required to reach level 10 and have activated the quest name Krusty Burger Heavy User Pt. 1. The Gulp’N'Blow is essentially another fastfood restaurant that is activated because Krusty Burger can’t satisfy your Tapped Out town’s citizens. Who would only want to eat Krusty Burgers 24/7 anyways? The Gulp’N’Blow has no additional characters after purchase so it is another building for you to gain lots of money from. You can also build an unlimited amount of Gulp’N’Blow buildings in your Tapped Out town helping you earn those hard earn income tax dollars. The Gulp’N’Blow will earn you 100 cash and 8 experience every 4 hours making it quite a good building to build regardless of level.

    To get the Control Building you must first unlock the Cooling Towers and Reactor Core. These buildings can only be built in a systematic way and must be achieved through the other two building and reaching Level 11 and the quest It’s Pronounced Nu-cular Pt. 3. The Control Building is the most essential building to unlocking Homer’s go to work at the Plant job. This job will also trigger the cut scene about life without Marge at home cooking dinner which is eventually the secrets to unlocking Marge in Tapped out.

    The Control Building itself has no special features yet is used by other characters such as Mr. Burns to fire employees or unlock additional and secret quests. Although the control building itself doesn’t give you any new income earnings but it does improves your Obedience rating which will make your Conform-o-meter look nicely on the inside and out!

  • goughy999
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    Where do you get that info from?
  • BJK1971
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    I have Springfield elementary. I am lvl 11. All characters are free. Skinner had 1-2 missions but now no one does. I'm stuck. What do I do. Or is there a guide from level 1 and up somewhere?
  • spiffshine
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    edited December 2012
    This combination of wiki pages will be your best resource in the early stages:
    Quests: http://simpsonswiki.net/wiki/The_Simpsons:_Tapped_Out_quests
    Buildings: http://simpsonswiki.net/wiki/The_Simpsons:_Tapped_Out_buildings

    Once you get to the Java server, you will find Simpsons0001's topic invaluable:
  • arentwords
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    goughy999 wrote:
    Where do you get that info from?

    Head over to the Tapped Out FAQ board and check out the building walk through guide at the top. It will tell you all of the tasks required to keep advancing and who to keep free to streamline the process.
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