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Thanks again EA!!.. Don't care what happens now, you've made MY christmas at least :D

Once again I find myself giving thanks to EA for releasing items into the game that I had yearned for..

After gaining the classic mini-event items from Rocket and Chiliad, again I feel happy :smiley:

I had stated previously that I hope this holiday event would give me the more 'traditional' aspect of the season in my game, such as the fairy lights and the decorations..

Well today I have been spoiled again...

Lots of free Christmas light skins, others at the same cheap rate they've been available at before (even if some people did lose out in an apparent glitch, hope that works out for you guys!)

They even threw in the aliens... Something I never expected, I'd seen Kang in my daughter's town and was a little envious, but to get both, for free, well that's my present unwrapped already...

Also I was happy to see that The Grumple was also made available to those who so desperately wanted him... albeit in those blessed mystery boxes I have grown to loathe so much :lol: ..If he was stand alone I'd have probably snapped him up myself, but hey ho... all in all I can't complain though and now can't wait for the snow to enjoy my town in a Christmas setting that I love... :heart:


  • Getting Kang and Kodos made this event already better than the THOH event. Getting the Grumple added to the sweetness.
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  • Super happy to finally get the Grumple.
    Now I feel Christmassy >:)
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  • Kang & Kodos were free? Do they still pay premium??
  • docmorrissey
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    edited November 2017
    Kang & Kodos were free? Do they still pay premium??

    Yes, still premium, they've given them away before. I think I got Kang for free, but I definitely earned Kodos as a prize in last year's THOH.
  • yeah... i had to work hard for both of them before :(
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