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Is your town a mess?



  • Oh boy mines is a mess, no time to sort it out between events, maybe one day,
  • I've spent a few minutes in recent months thinking if there could be some Design type event. Instead of the normal event mechanics, there would be goals to motivate players to work on the design of their town. And each day EA would pick a "best designed" town section of a player and all other players could see the design. The event mechanics would encourage people to work on their town. Of course, the pro designers who already have a perfect town would complain though.
  • bluntcard
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    ^ I kind of like that idea and the event could be offering practical designing decorations. Bridges, boats for lakes, lawn chairs, picnic tables, traffic* lights, basic farm animals, pigs, goats, vegetable rows for farming, docks for lakes, etc.
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  • 1pillform
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    I think if they added more practical items for decorations we can organize a lot better. Not to mention design better. I feel they got too many items that don't look good in the towns. Don't get me wrong, knowing its based on a cartoon is great but even the show it self had realistic deigning and we can't do it because they won't give us those items. Or the actual ability to do so. And obviously of course help with our storage by making a massive improvement on the storage. I think they should do a actual "maintenance" downtime on the game and improve it. Not long, just a day or 2. Believe me, the improvements are minor at best. Organizing items like xmas etc into its own category etc etc....and no LP would dissagree and probably say it would be impossible. But I beg to differ. If the hacked version of the game can be done like that I don't see how EA can't do it. The hackers did it in less than 24 hours.

    I'm sorry it turned out into a rant X3
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  • Down time is build time. I tend to stockpile things during the event, then build once I get everything.
  • I try to keep it tidy on a weekly basis. In other words each week on a Sunday I check over the whole Springfield.
    Usually a little messy in a certain section after a big event. Then when I have some downtime I then tidy that section.
    So on average it’s pretty neat and tidy throughout.
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  • Mine is about 75% done and 25% messy. Still have some land to to buy. Then I can get with it and get my SF up to par. But with my work hours it is kind of hard to do.
  • fastshadow2
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    main town: nice but a little spotty looking as i moved several houses and buildings next to xmxs area. did a bunch of redesigning in the last few months
    town #2: is sort of a mess with all the KEMs covering much of the southern edge and not been spending much time there recently
    crawl town: is a huge mess, buildings all over the place without a design in mind. more concerned with getting XP raised and leveling up, got to level 730 and 223%
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  • The vast majority of my town is not messy at all. However, the top strip of land in SH is messy while I build up all the buildings to level 5 and I'm not sure how I'm going to design my monorail there so I want to leave possibilities for that.

    My messy stuff is certain items from the spy event, everything from the pagan event, the homerpalooza event, time travelling toaster event and the latest THOH event. I just don't know what to do with them. I have ideas of how I want them to look but I can't decide where in my town it should be.
  • Lost my zest for designing so now my town is a mess. I can’t get my designs in my head to work out so now I just collect and hoping some day I will put it all together. I try really hard to get each section to flow with another and some of these events with the weird stuff is giving me heartburn trying to make the flow from area to the next work.
  • Nope...set up like a real town
  • The part towards the water is great, on the opposite side, not so much. Part of the problem is my iPad is dying - santa will *crosses fingers* bring me a new one this Christmas, but in the mean time, it's super laggy. Playing on my phone is better, but since the screen is small, it's hard to decorate. Trying to decorate after the snow hits will be tricky so my plan is to get the rest of the town organized and fine tune after the snow melts.

    Not that I'm thinking about it, I might work on my amusement park today before the update. And OMG I want more land in SH! I don't care what buildings we get or if I have to grind obsessively. I would love to move my amusement park over there, but not until we get more land. Urg.
  • My springfield heights and squidport are build almost as i like them, but main springfield is not even half finished, ive got some parts finished like an amusement park and some distrivts, but the rest is a giant mess
  • I decided to nuke the town the day before the first monorail event and I've been slowly rebuilding since for the past three years.

    New stuff comes out now at a much faster rate so I just cram it all into the fringes. I don't want to store it else I'll forget about it when I have a few minutes to work on designing. I've created a lot of themed districts: suburb, municipal, restaurant, Vegas, Rigelian, chocolate, superhero, industrial, western, Christmas, Halloween, airport, spy, and EFCOT with future world (sci-fi) and world showcase (destination & time toaster). Every time new material comes out, I often need to start dragging stuff around.

    My two main issues are:

    1) Not enough land. I like to create environments where you can see the details of each object, so I try not to overlap buildings. I try to keep tall objects in the fringes, but some take up as much as triple their actual footprints, so I wont place anything behind them.

    2) Max number of items. I like to landscape. I recently hit the max and had to strip out all sidewalks, and a lot of trees. The details are what makes this game fun for me. I don't want to just collect things.
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